Shadows of War

On the eve of war, a young woman is drawn into a world she never knew existed…

Evelyn Ainsworth is not your average heiress. Born into one of the oldest families in England, her place in society was firmly established and there seemed to be no surprises in her future…until she agreed to do one small favor.

Stepping into a world of shadows where the fight for survival is just beginning, Evelyn knows that she will have to face horrors that she can’t imagine. As war sweeps across the globe, information can change the course of history; and it’s Evelyn’s task to pursue it at all costs. Caught up in a world where deception is the new truth and no one can be trusted, she finds herself clinging more and more to the life she left behind.

Engulfed in intrigue, Evelyn must find a way to combat the evil sweeping across Europe without losing herself…

…or falling prey to those who will do anything to stop her.


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