The Kai Corbyn Series

Kai Corbyn was trained to be invisible. Precise. But above all,


She was Mossad’s most effective assassin. But when a routine operation goes terribly wrong and she’s forced to disappear for good, only one man knows she’s still out there – and just what she’s capable of.

Given a new lease on life, Kai does what she does best. Choosing her contracts carefully, she builds a lucrative business hunting down targets – for a price. Soon, the worst of the underworld is facing a foe who won’t stop before she picks them off, one by one…until she’s offered a contract on someone from her past.

Thrown back into a world dominated by intrigue, money, and power, Kai must join forces with the man she saved to uncover the truth. But those who want them dead will stop at nothing to prevent that truth from getting out. Drawn back into her old world, Kai embarks on a new operation. Only this time, she’s playing by her own rules.

And no one stands a chance.