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Next Exit, Dead Ahead (Exit Series #3) PAPERBACK

Next Exit, Dead Ahead (Exit Series #3) PAPERBACK

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Alina Maschik expected to have a few quiet days alone in New Jersey. She should have known better. 

FBI Agent Stephanie Walker has a problem. Whenever Alina comes into town, someone ends up dead. When the enigmatic Damon Miles follows, that count is doubled. Now, a mere week before Halloween, Stephanie's main informant has gone missing. When part of him shows up in a reputedly haunted prison, the local attraction becomes the center of a macabre and baffling spectacle. As bodies start to fill the morgue, Stephanie must trust in Alina's particular skill set to prevent further bloodshed. But that trust comes with a price, as Alina and Damon bring their own brand of trouble, uncovering a sinister web of deadly intrigue reaching far beyond the familiar South Jersey suburbs.

A prison haunted by tortured souls, a puzzling federal investigation, a rising body count, and a pair of deadly assassins...what could possibly go wrong?


 Paperback 485 pages
Dimensions 6 x 9 inches
ISBN 978-1-963466-17-1
Publication Date September 14, 2014
Publisher CW Browning
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