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Next Exit, Three Miles (Exit Series #1) PAPERBACK

Next Exit, Three Miles (Exit Series #1) PAPERBACK

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Alina Maschik was one of the best. She never missed.

Yet, two years ago in Cairo, she missed her shot at one of the world’s most wanted terrorists. Now, he’s back. This time, he’s on US soil.

Given the opportunity to redeem herself, Alina’s objective is simple: find the terrorist and complete her mission. But when the target leads her back to her hometown in New Jersey, the situation is anything but simple. Confronted with old girlfriends, her ex-fiancé and the Jersey mob, Alina must face her past as she races against an invisible clock.

But as bodies start to pile up, a cunning and invisible assassin threatens to destroy everything she holds close. Accustomed to working alone, Alina must now rely on old loyalties and new partnerships to help her defeat this new threat, and save the lives of thousands of Americans, without failing a second time.


 Paperback 330 pages
Dimensions 6 x 9 inches
ISBN 978-1-963466-13-3
Publication Date August 20, 2013
Publisher CW Browning
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