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Shadows of War Series Books 4-6 (EBOOK Bundle)

Shadows of War Series Books 4-6 (EBOOK Bundle)

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The next three historical thrillers in the exciting Shadows of War Series, Books 4-6 contains: The Iron Storm, Into the Iron Shadows, and When Wolves Gather.

As Europe falls to the Nazi war machine, one woman dares to continue the fight by any and all means necessary.

In the summer of 1940, one by one, every country in Europe will fall to Hitler’s military might. The face of Europe is changing, and so is Evelyn Ainsworth. The young socialite is once again caught in the fury of war, but this time she’s more prepared, and nothing will stop her from completing her mission.

As Hitler turns his sights to England, the last country to oppose his will, Evelyn struggles to unravel the mystery left by her father even as she continues the vital intelligence work for MI6. But the shadows in which she must move are stirring, and not everyone wants to see England remain free.

As Evelyn fights to provide her country with any edge possible in the fight for intelligence, England turns to the last line of defense to protect its shores: the RAF. Caught in the crosshairs, and preparing for the coming onslaught, Evelyn must trust her pilots to survive…

…even as she faces the stark reality that they may all fail.

The Iron Storm

Tensions are high across Europe in the beginning of May, 1940. Hitler’s forces have overrun Norway, and it’s only a matter of time before his focus turns to France. When Evelyn Ainsworth is sent to Brussels, she understands all too well the risk of remaining too long.

Armed with a packet that has already cost men their lives, Evelyn finds herself in another race to safely reach France while Hitler’s army unleashes a storm against the Low Countries. But her flight is complicated by an enigmatic young Belgian who offers assistance—and carries a secret of his own.

Pursued by two of the Third Reich’s most lethal agents, Evelyn must trust her instincts to survive.

Or fall to the Iron Storm.

Into the Iron Shadows

When Panzers rip through the Ardennes, more than France is at stake.

On the heels of escaping Belgium, Evelyn Ainsworth is facing yet another invasion. The Wehrmacht is advancing faster than anyone expected, and all she wants is to reach England before the Nazis take Paris. With smuggled documents in her possession, and a fellow evacuee who carries secrets of his own, she must escape once again before France falls.

German bombers are wreaking havoc on Allied troops trying to reach the coast, and RAF Flying Officer Miles Lacey is frustrated. Despite flying daily patrols, his squadron has yet to engage the enemy. He’s itching to get in the fight, but nothing can prepare him for what’s coming.

As Panzers race to the Channel and the Luftwaffe dominates the skies, a storm of evil sweeps across the continent. Amidst the chaos and destruction, only the strongest will withstand the darkest storm.

When Wolves Gather

While Great Britain stands alone against the might of the Third Reich, an even more sinister threat lurks in the halls of London…

As Hitler prepares to unleash the full force of his Luftwaffe against England, and the Battle of Britain takes hold of the skies, Evelyn Ainsworth is enjoying a much-needed holiday in London. When a chance conversation reveals the existence of a ruthless group of traitors, the MI6 agent is thrust back into the world of shadows where everyone has something to hide. Determined to expose those who would destroy England from within, Evelyn embarks on a dangerous game that could end her life.

In the skies above, the pilots she loves are facing an increasingly determined and deadly enemy. Knowing that invasion is imminent, Flight Lieutenant Miles Lacey and his squadron are busy defending convoys from Göring’s finest. But as war takes its toll, they begin to realize that they may not be enough to stop the onslaught that is coming. 

Surrounded by the enemy, England’s sole defense lies with her RAF pilots, and a young socialite willing to sacrifice everything to save her country.

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