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The Complete Exit Series 7 EBOOK Bundle (EBOOK)

The Complete Exit Series 7 EBOOK Bundle (EBOOK)

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The Complete Exit Series Bundle contains all 7 eBooks in the Exit Series!

Ten years ago, she left New Jersey. Now she has to go back…

Time changes people, some more than most. As a specially trained assassin working for a clandestine organization within the United States government, Alina Maschik – aka Viper – has little in common with the life she left behind. And when a terrorist leads her back to her hometown, the precise and regimented existence she lives becomes, in a word, complicated.

Old friends, new faces, and memories of family, love, and laughter force her to revisit emotions she thought died long ago. But an enemy is attacking freedom itself, and she is one of the few that can fight back.

Faced with the life she left behind, Alina must reconcile her past with the weapon she has become, or fall at the hands of a shadowy foe whose lethal cunning is only just beginning.

7 eBooks included:

Next Exit, Three Miles

Next Exit, Pay Toll

Next Exit, Dead Ahead

Next Exit, Quarter Mile

Next Exit, Use Caution

Next Exit, One Way

Next Exit, No Outlet

Read sample Next Exit, Three Miles Exit Series Book 1 female assassin thriller

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