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The Exit Series Books 4-7 (EBOOK Bundle)

The Exit Series Books 4-7 (EBOOK Bundle)

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The Exit Series Books 4-6 contains: Next Exit, Quarter Mile, Next Exit, Use CautionNext Exit, One Way, and Next Exit, No Outlet.

Someone knows more than they should about Alina Maschik. In this second collection of titles, the tension ramps up as Viper hunts for a traitor determined to destroy her.

Next Exit, Quarter Mile

Alina Maschik returns to New Jersey with orders to lie low after her cover is blown in Syria. 

But that’s easier said than done.

A Mexican cartel, a local street racer, and a new antidote making its way into metro area hospitals combine to form a threat that she can’t ignore. Now, Viper must confront ghosts from her past even as she fights to unravel a sinister plot before thousands of Americans die.

Next Exit, Use Caution

After a mysterious assassin strikes too close to home, Viper has just one goal: retribution. 

But nothing is ever easy in New Jersey.

When those closest to her become targets and the clock starts ticking, Viper knows her only hope lies with secrets from the past - secrets someone is determined to keep buried. As she’s targeted by an invisible and nameless mastermind, Viper must choose who she can trust…and who is not what they seem.

Next Exit, One Way

Two terrorists are at large in Philadelphia, a traitor in Washington will stop at nothing to prevent his past from being exposed, and a master assassin is determined to make him pay for it all.

After living in the shadows for years, Alina Maschik is forced into the open by lethal assassins with orders to kill. With the nation’s most iconic symbols of freedom and liberty hanging in the balance, Viper must fight to stay alive long enough to uncover the truth…

...or risk losing everything.

Next Exit, No Outlet

A ruthless enemy, determined to kill. A deadly assassin with a vendetta. Both trained never to fail.

Alina Maschik is out of time. As she uncovers the secrets hiding a traitor responsible for countless deaths, that same traitor is moving quickly to silence anyone who stands in his way. When FBI Agent Stephanie Walker becomes the target, Alina does what she does best. But nothing is ever easy in New Jersey. Left with very few options, Viper enlists the help of others to face the biggest challenge of her career. Yet success comes at a high personal cost, and if she fails, those closest to her will die.

With the odds stacked heavily against her, Viper finds herself in a fight for her very survival. But freedom is never guaranteed, and even the best sometimes fail.   

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