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The Iron Storm (Shadows of War #4) EBOOK

The Iron Storm (Shadows of War #4) EBOOK

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Read sample The Iron Storm Shadows of War book 4 WW2 female spy thriller

A deadly race to stay ahead of the Nazi war machine will test them all.

Tensions are high across Europe in the beginning of May, 1940. Hitler’s forces have overrun Norway, and it’s only a matter of time before his focus turns to France. When Evelyn Ainsworth is sent to Brussels, she understands all too well the risk of remaining too long. The MI6 agent’s goal is to get in, pick up a package, meet with her Soviet contact, and get out again as quickly as possible.

But even the best laid plans can go awry.

Obersturmbannführer Hans Voss knows the stolen blueprints from Stuttgart are in Brussels and is determined to hunt down the courier. But when the German armies invade Belgium, the city is thrown into chaos, complicating his chances of locating the missing package.

Armed with the packet that has already cost men their lives, Evelyn finds herself in another race to safely reach France while Hitler’s army unleashes a storm against the Low Countries. But her flight is complicated by an enigmatic young Belgian who offers assistance—and carries a secret of his own.

Pursued by two of the Third Reich’s most lethal agents, Evelyn must trust her instincts to survive.

Or fall to the Iron Storm.

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